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SECRET Psydia Song 6: Raiser Of Misery

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Raiser of Misery

Raiser of Misery is the sixth SECRET song of Psydia that has been released.
Yeah, again a Psydia Jem!! A song the way I love! Long, Progressive, Heavy, Dark, Psychedelic, and with deep heavy lyrics.
This is one of those songs I just can’t understand I wrote it. A piece of work I’m proud of!!

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Part 1:
The smell of Sex,
Next door, I don’t wanna smell
We should be one
What made you switch?

A compromise’
A Lie
Kill Those Years
For one Flirt
It’s The Last Time
Now It’s my Life
My Time!

A word from you
A blessing in my heart
One second
Crushed the dream
All that seemed
Destroyed by the beam

No recover
Your new Lover
The best Thing
Ka-ching Ka-ching
But don’t knock on my door
When you’re kicked out your own floor
Then you want more
Or my friendship, I m shure

No dreams will come
No light enters your dark
You let your angels down
Just to set your mark

Was it all worth it
Glad you did it?
Had your bit?
Or enough of this shit?

Part 2:
After a life of certainties and facts
The first night had arrived
When The Unknown came
Paralyzed I’m laying down

When I looked at him
The one in black
Knowing that For me
There’s no turning back
Rule, would the one in Black
Rule, would the one in Black

Written, recorded and mixed by Dani Rogosic (Copyright 2010)
All instruments and Voices by Dani Rogosic
Recorded and Mixed in studio Rogosic Records

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