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Arious Song 6: World Of Glass

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World of Glass
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World of Glass is the sixth song of Arious that has been released and of my favorites of The Rogosic Chronicles. In my opinion my singing is on his best in this song.
I recorded this song while my girlfriend was in my studio with me , she gave me tips during recording it, and… I almost can’t believe it… She often has a better view in music then me!!

Written, recorded and mixed by Dani Rogosic (Copyright 2010)
All instruments by Dani Rogosic
Recorded and Mixed in studio Rogosic Records

1e Verse
Last night I saw your face
Through a world of Glass
Now the clocks are ringing
The world is gone
Happyness is dragged trough the mudd
Your face Is it True?

2 Verse
It’s a thing I’m afraid
I’ll never see a gain
An Image in my head
That means so much for me
A Silent Whisper
That makes my heart shaking

3e Verse
Where to search?
Where to find?
Am I wasting time?
If I stop, will I miss my destiny?

4e Verse
Further and Further I go
Forgotten it is..
The Glass was broken
As far as my mind had reached

5e Verse
Back in the Darkest Hour
My World returned..
She pointed at me
The one who stopped time

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