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SECRET Psydia Song 4: Cancer

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Cancer is the fourth SECRECT song of Psydia that has been released.
Very dark and sad song… Special dedicated to…..

Bright light from your room
See waving, see me raving
I nee you, you know I do
You know I want, I can’t demand
Is it you who’s playing this game?
Is it women, who play this the same?
Is it me who’s guilty?
Is it my past what’s faulthy?

No pushing, no answer
I thought I did good, ’till I got cancer
Talking to me when to die
This is the end, the life oh my

Written, recorded and mixed by Dani Rogosic (Copyright 2010)
All instruments by Dani Rogosic
Recorded and Mixed in studio Rogosic Records

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