TOPAW Song 3: Our Lord (Part 2)

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Our Lord Part 2

Our Lord (Part 2) is the third TOPAW song. The complete song is a 13minute song that’s going to be released in 3 parts.
Enjoy! ūüôā

There are times I remember another path
The one that ends in a bloodbath
There are times I forget your Love
Lonely moments in a life so tough
As I sin, there’s a pain
A trial close to becoming insane

As I bow I feel you reach out
Reach out for me, Reach out for everybody who believes
With your endless light you take away the darkness
And take us away in Utopia
The spirit which is one
Is all and more
Is here and there
Is always and everywhere
Let us speak to you:

Music and Lyrics written by Dani Rogosic (Copyright 2011)
All recorded and mixed by Dani Rogosic (Copyright 2011)
All instruments and voices by Dani Rogosic
Recorded and Mixed in studio Rogosic Records

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