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There are a lot of debates going on concerning which purposes Facebook has.
For me personally, it is of great value concerning networking. So, what’s the purpose of that network? What is it to share in the network specifically?
Your children? Your work? Your creativity? Your troubles? Your joy? Your opinions? Or maybe that one story you want to share, because that is keeping you motivated all those years?
Here’s my share of today:
There are moments in your career, when you’re thinking about making the right choices. There are moments when you’re certain you’ve made the right ones. There are also moments you’re certain you’ve made the wrong ones! Hey, that’s just life, right?!
For me (and a lot of others), a lot has happened in the past 6 years! People who know me for a long time, know me as a musician. Pure and simple.
Though, I’ve doubted my musical career A LOT. As I can think of at the moment, my works have been respected in The Rogosic Chronicles, SPCHLSS, JOE2, Gashunters, Infinity, D-Live, NL-FINEST, a lot of other projects. Though, I think about quiting every single day! That uncertainty every single day!!! Which offers should I accept? And which ones should I decline? Which ones do fit the schedule? Which ones are challenging? Which ones can bring up money? Which individuals should I trust? And most importantly: Can I keep paying my bills?
I must say, I’m blessed with the work I have as a musician! I’m blessed which the wonderful people I’ve worked with in the last years! I’m blessed with all the people who are listening to my music!!! Though, I have played at a lot of shows where money “dissapeared”. I have played at a lot of shows where I had to PAY to PLAY, AFTERWARDS!!! (Jup, no kiddin….)
I know A LOT of musicians. And it sometimes hurts me, when I see, in the way some of them are treating each other. For example, a lot of hate is seen when two guitarists are jamming with eachother, and one is objectively better… It’s like a virtual bloodbath going on!!! Come on!!! Aren’t we just making fun? Aren’t we all hard working musicians? Does it has to be a “Alpha-like” world, where one is all, and the other is nothing??? Is one better when he/she is playing in a famous band, and the other one isn’t?
Like I said, I know a lot of musicians. And, that’s all I see. There are virtual groups. Groups of bands who have a contract, and those who don’t! Even better, I’ve played in bands with musicians who have a contract, and there’s automatically a border. It feels like doctor versus patient, though that patient has the same expertise. Awkward!
So, here’s a little piece of music for you: Can’t Forget About You.
(Even the ones I do “hate”, I can’t forget about you! Because you all had a great impact on my life, which I am thankful for!!!)

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