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Gornian Song 4: Coming Home

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Coming Home
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Coming Home is the fourth song of Gornian that has been released.
For me this is the perfect song to end a concert with!
It’s happy, it’s heavy, it’s a song you have to jump on, it’s a song you hear to go COMPLETELY crazy!!!

I wrote this song, and during the recordings of the intro, I was planning to delete it, cause I wanted a better song, a better intro, but I decided to finish the song and to change the intro: Thank god I did that!!!! Now “Coming Home” has become my “Rogosic Chronicles Anthem”!!! Enjoy this piece chronic! ­čśë

Written, recorded and mixed by Dani Rogosic (Copyright 2010)
All instruments by Dani Rogosic
Recorded and Mixed in studio Rogosic Records

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