TRCS = The Rogosic Chronicles Show
This is the live band around The Rogosic Chronicles.
The band will be playing songs from Arious, Gardia, Gornian, Psydia and Thormez all fit into one show.

Current Bandmembers:
Dani Rogosic – Vocals/Lead Guitars/Synth
Dave van Wijck – Rhythm Guitars/Lead Guitars
Henk Wagenaars – Rhythm Guitars/Backing Vocals
Alessandro Aprile – Bass Guitars
Kace Huiszoon – Drums

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2 Responses to “TRCS”

  1. Hi there…

    I am so proud that I can say:
    “It is a very big honour for me to be member of the TRCS Band”

    Mr. DR is my best friend as well ūüėÄ
    Hope to see you all at the shows !

    Greets Defv

  2. Dani Rogosic says:

    Welcome Defv!
    The honour is all mine, you’re an AMAZING guitar player who gave me LOTS of tips my other guitar teacher didn’t!

    C U Soon on one of our jams!!!!

    Dani Rogosic

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