Dani’s Bands

Present bands

A Dutch Rock & Roll band. One mission only: To rock your motherRockin’ socks off!!
An EPIC ROCK band with own compositions! It’s catchy, beautiful, heavy: It’s the best thing EVER!! Check the website: HERE BE FLAMES
2008 – NOW:Infinity
An amazing party-band who’s surviving the music business for 15 years already! Funk/Soul/Disco/Pop/Rock You name it, we play it!!

Previous bands

2014 – 2016:Gashunters
An amazing progressive project from The Netherlands by Hans Geurts!! Check the website: Gashunters
2014 – 2016:D-LIVE
An amazing party-band that shares his performance in the crowd! No stage. We’re one with our fans, and even dance on their tables! All round popular music for EVERYONE!!! All for the listeners!!!
2014 – 2015:NL FINE&T
An instrumental band for Hip-Hop & Reggea Artists from Eindhoven (The Netherlands). We suppurt local artists Don Deal Duits & Mo-D, Jaipaman, Nick Marshal, Derkaderkerk en B-Legendary.
2011 – 2011:TOPAW (Tunes of Praise & Worship)
A Christian Rock band, started after joining the Jesus Army in North Hampton in England.
2011 – 2011:Dani & Co.
Dani Rogosic in cooperation with other composers, songwriters, musicians etc.
The show with songs from ALL the Rogosic Chronicles bands! (Arious, Gardia, Gornian, Psydia, Thormez)
2010 – NOW:TRCS (The Rogosic Chronicles Show)
2009 – 2010: Xtremusica
2009 – 2010: Remember me Otis (Otis Redding Tribute)
2009 – 2009: Sunshine (Pop/Rock band)
2008 – 2008: Dream Catcher (Symphonic Metal band)
2005 – 2008: SPCHLSS (A dutch experimental rock band)
2004 – 2007: JOE2 (A dutch U2 Tribute band)