The Rogosic Chronicles

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This project contains 5 different parts with 5 different styles of music:

Arious (The Rogosic Chronicles)Main Style Soft Rock Main Moods Romantic/Sentimental
Main Style: Soft Rock Main Moods: Romantic/Sentimental
Gardia (The Rogosic Chronicles)Main Style New Age Main Moods Atmospheric/Dreamy/Peaceful/Romantic/Sentimental
Main Style: New Age Main Moods: Atmospheric/Dreamy/Peaceful/Romantic/Sentimental
Gornian (The Rogosic Chronicles)Main Style Hard Rock Main Moods Confusion/Hostile/Romantic
Main Style: Hard Rock Main Moods: Confusion/Hostile/Romantic
Psydia (The Rogosic Chronicles)Main Style Psychedelic Main Moods Atmospheric/Chaotic/Confusion/Dramatic/
Main Style: Psychedelic Main Moods: Atmospheric/Chaotic/Confusion/Dramatic
Thormez (The Rogosic Chronicles)Main Style Metal Main Moods Aggressive/Chaotic/Confusion/Hostile/Madness/
Main Style: Metal Main Moods: Aggressive/Chaotic/Confusion/Hostile/Madness