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Video: All Dani’s Guitar Solo’s from “Dani & Co” and “Vincent de Leeuw”

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Dani & Co Song 1: Samen

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Left click to listen, right click to download:
Samen (In cooperation with songwriter Erik van der Windt)

“Samen” is a progressive rock song, originally an instrumental song of 7minutes.
The lyrics, which are in Dutch, are written by Erik van der Windt.
To sing in Dutch was a challenge for me, because I never sang in Dutch!


New Projects: TOPAW and Dani & Co.

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Yeah!! The Rogosic Chronicles Part 1 has almost come to and end, Part 2 will start on the first of March 2011 with the TRCS, song updates and video releases!!!! But, what about new songs?!?!?!

Well, don’t worry. Two projects where I will release free songs for you to download will start under my wings:
– TOPAW (Tunes of Praise & Worship)
– Dani & Co.

TOPAW (Tunes of Praise & Worship)
Tunes of Praise & Worship (TOPAW) is a band started by Dani Rogosic after visiting the Jesus Army in North Hampton (England).
Dani’s Rebirth:
Dani Rogosic visited the Jesus Army with his best friend Dave van Wijck (also a member of TRCS), Natasha, Luc, Johan and Frans.
During his stay in “The House of Miracles” he felt the touch of God on Saturday the 12th of february 2011.
2 Days later he got baptized by the Jesus Army, being reborn in the arms of The Lord.
Dani Rogosic promised the lord to spread the words of love in music and so “Tunes of Praise & Worship” (TOPAW) is born!

Dani & Co.
Dani Rogosic in cooperation with other composers, songwriters, musicians etc.