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Dani & Co: Mario 2 Final Theme (Metal Version)

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Left click to listen, right click to download:
Mario 2 End Theme

A Metal Medley with pieces from Bach & Vivaldi!!


The End of TRCS, Beginning of a new study “Psychology”

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Hello all!!!
I have sad news for you, I have quit my Rogosic Chronicles band “TRCS”.
We created a fun gang in the last couple of months, and we played some great tunes in the rehearsal studio’s.
Sadly even after 6 months we still didn’t have a full band.

My studies:
In whole my life I studied at different schools, different studies, and finished them all successfully(IT-pro, Music management, Music producer and many many courses)

Now it’s time for something new: Psychology!!!!
I started the full education of Psychology and hoping to be finished in 3 years.

Because I work full time at Omroep Brabant, and I play a lot with my live band Infinity and I have my studio recording projects I can’t make extra time for TRCS anymore.

The Rogosic Chronicles: End Of Part 1, Beginning of Part 2

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Dear listeners and fans,
1 March 2010 was the start of The Rogosic Chronicles Saga, every 2 weeks a song was released to listen and download for free for my listeners and fans!
The songs split are in 5 parts:
– Arious (Soft/Rock)
– Gardia (New Age)
– Gornian (Hard Rock)
– Psydia (Psychedelic)
– Thormez (Metal)

After 1 year, this period will end at 28 february 2011! That means no more new free songs from The Rogosic Chronicles every 2 weeks!!!
But, don’t worry: I’ll never rest, even when I’m death I will be releasing a lot of work for my listeners and fans!!! ­čśë
So, what’s sonna happen?

1 March 2011 will be the start of Part 2 of The Rogosic Chronicles:
– 2 CD releases: Angel’s Choice & Demon’s Choice
– Re-recordings of The Rogosic Chronicles songs
– Videoclips of The Rogosic Chronicles songs
– Live Shows of TRCS (The Rogosic Chronicles Show)

A New Era of The Rogosic Chronicles in the New Year, don’t miss it!! ­čśë


Dani Rogosic