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Video: Dutch Facebook Metal Anthem

Monday, July 20th, 2015

HERE IT IS!!! The song created by DUTCH PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK!!! They wrote riffs or rhythms in text, and now it’s converted into a Instrumental Progressive Metal song!!! ENJOY!!

It’s been a while…. So here is…. THE NEWS!!! :)

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Hello all!!!!
Thanks for visiting my website again!

I know it has been quiet on website, more than ever actually. I’ve been very busy with my study for Bachelor Psychology in Tilburg (The Netherlands), and therefore I haven’t pay much attention to my website, I’m sorry! ­čśë Though I’m active on Facebook. You can add me if you want =>

I want also let you know that I’m very busy with writing and recording songs for my 2 upcoming albums! “Soft, Sweet & Some Other Stuff Part 2” which will come out in January 2014 and “Hard, Heavy $ Some Other Stuff Part 2” which will come out in January 2015!!!!!
I’m have also a lot of gigs with my coverband Infinity ( and with some other music projects.

Well, to make it up to you for my delay, I will soon record lots of video’s of my new songs, new jams and some other fun stuff!! ­čÖé So stay tuned!!!!!!