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Video: Night Like This Acoustic Cover (Original from Caro Emerald)

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

SECRET Psydia Song 5: Night

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

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Night is the fifth SECRET song of Psydia that has been released.
Night is written, recorded and mixed in the same day as the Arious song “Crystal” so for me that was an AWESOME day!!! 2 Of my favorite Rogosic Chronicles songs in one day!!!
I remember it well, my holiday started with a day doing absolutely nothing! For me it was like a re-birth, I really needed that.
The day after I started writing and recording music: The first one of the 2 songs => Night!!!
Enjoy! ūüėČ

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Online Statistics of The Rogosic Chronicles Songs so far!!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Online stats most successfull songs of the Rogosic Chronicles from, my Myspace pages and Hyves pages:

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February 18 2011

1 Fly With Floyd (Gardia)
2 Birdy Dance (Gornian)
3 World Of Glass (Arious)
4 Ms. Tipsy (Arious)
5 Omnu The Final Words (Psydia)
6 No More (Arious)
7 Coming Home (Gornian)
8 The Final Piece (Arious)
9 Human’s Addiction (Gornian)
10 Undefined Pleasures (Gornian)
11 A Cat Behind The Lion’s Face (Gornian)
12 Aeon (Psydia)
13 The Eye (Gardia)
14 The Moment Before We Die (Psydia)
15 Lefty (Thormez)
16 Laura (Arious)
17 The Better Life (Gornian)
18 Babylon (Gardia)
19 Night Storm (Thormez)
20 Grass (Gardia)
21 Dark Visions (Thormez)
22 Ja Te Volim (Arious)
23 Taste Of Belgium (Psydia)
24 Flange (Gardia)
25 Sinc (Thormez)
26 Wrong Turn (Thormez)


Thormez Song 1: Night Storm

Monday, March 15th, 2010

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Night Storm
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Night Storm is the first song of Thormez and that has been released.
This is the most straight through song I’ve ever written, and I like it!!
Night Storm contains a storm of arpeggio’s with a distorded guitar sound.
This song is a creation from my Yngwie Malmsteen/Dream Theater influences I’ve been building up in the first few years I played the guitar. I just love the fast and harmonic distorded guitar pieces.
I hope you enjoy this as well!! Here it is: NIGHT STORM!!!!