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Arious Song 9: The Way We Dance

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

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The Way We Dance

It’s been a long yes… Yes… A long time! Though I have never released a song like this one… So again, enjoy it ūüôā
Oo yeah, it’s a song from my album which is coming out in 2014!!!


Online Statistics of The Rogosic Chronicles Songs so far!!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Online stats most successfull songs of the Rogosic Chronicles from, my Myspace pages and Hyves pages:

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February 18 2011

1 Fly With Floyd (Gardia)
2 Birdy Dance (Gornian)
3 World Of Glass (Arious)
4 Ms. Tipsy (Arious)
5 Omnu The Final Words (Psydia)
6 No More (Arious)
7 Coming Home (Gornian)
8 The Final Piece (Arious)
9 Human’s Addiction (Gornian)
10 Undefined Pleasures (Gornian)
11 A Cat Behind The Lion’s Face (Gornian)
12 Aeon (Psydia)
13 The Eye (Gardia)
14 The Moment Before We Die (Psydia)
15 Lefty (Thormez)
16 Laura (Arious)
17 The Better Life (Gornian)
18 Babylon (Gardia)
19 Night Storm (Thormez)
20 Grass (Gardia)
21 Dark Visions (Thormez)
22 Ja Te Volim (Arious)
23 Taste Of Belgium (Psydia)
24 Flange (Gardia)
25 Sinc (Thormez)
26 Wrong Turn (Thormez)


Psydia Song 2: The Moment Before We Die

Monday, June 21st, 2010

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The Moment Before We Die
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The Moment Before We Die is the second song of Psydia that is released.
The piano piece is from a jam-session, originally a piece of 7minutes, but it has been cut off for this version.
After seeing the horror movie “Silent Hill” I came up with the scary part in this song.

The Momente Before We Die became one of the most successfull Rogosic Chronicles songs, so successfull that it has reached number 2 constantly of the Rogosic Chronicles songs.
At first normally, people like new songs, but this song stays on number 2!!
I was really surprised because this was “just a jam” on psychedelic drugs and I never thought this song would have any success, though I LOVE how scary this song actually is.